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You finally have control over what goes into your soap.

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Getting started

It takes three easy steps

  • 1
    Choose your base

    Pick a base that suits your skin. The base will change how the bar feels. Choose from a sensitive skin formula, a combination skin formula, and a dry skin formula. Choose the formula best suited for your skin. With shea butter added to each base, each soap is naturally moisturizing and cleansing.

  • 2
    Choose your scents

    Choose from a variety of scents. We use essential oils to ensure that the scent is pure and natural. You can choose essential oils that are soothing and calming for skin. Or choose essential oils that energize and wake you up in the morning. Or choose a blend that is just a favorite scent. You can customize it however you want!

  • 3
    Choose your texture

    Choose an add-in to change the texture and add an exfoliant to your soap bar. You can make your soap smooth and creamy or great for scrubbing.

Shea Bath and Body soap


Shea Bath and Body ® soaps are made with the perfect blend of organic shea butter along with organic coconut oil and/or organic exfoliants (always sourced from a sustainable supplier) to create natural and luxurious lather for noticeably softer skin. Combined with our proprietary blends of organic essential oils, your senses are awakened with aromatherapy benefits.

* Soaps will arrive within 10 days, ready to use.

Shea Bath and Body soap

A personal touch

Shea Bath and Body is a handmade bath products company located in Tampa, Florida.

We started with a small soap making kit and now have a massive soap room fully stocked with our local supplies, packaging and shipping equipment.

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Tampa, FL USA

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